50 Unique Black Men’s Beard Style Ideas

Beards are considered to be a blessing for every man, but it is a fact that just growing out a simple beard might not suit everyone.

Since every man has a unique face shape, getting a beard style that enhances your overall appearance (regarding your face shape) is something that is always called for.

Similarly, beard styles for black men require the same precision (or maybe even more). 

Different Black Men Beard Styles

Every black man has a different beard growth, some guys are blessed with a fully grown beard at a young age, and some are not (yet) but that can not stop you from getting a style made just for your beard. 

Getting a style perfectly suitable for your beard is now possible because there is a huge variety of different black beard styles for you ahead! 

Down are the several different failsafe black beard styles for you to try no matter what your beard looks like.

1. Full Beard

The classic full beards on black men emit a masculine vibe and look flattering on every man as it covers the lower half of your face, making you look awesome.

However, not only growing out a full beard is tough, but keeping it well-groomed can also be a challenging task.

So, you might want to use beard oils and/or balms to keep rocking your full black beard at its full potential.

2. Short Beard

Just like full beards, shorter ones are also a symbol of masculinity but with the ease of maintenance.

Keeping a short beard of one inch or shorter is more convenient to keep maintained and groomed compared to a fuller beard. What's, even more, is that you won't necessarily look older than your age.

To keep a short beard, let your beard grow from every side — use a trimmer by adjusting it to a length that the blade cuts your beard no more than half an inch.

You can also visit your barber for extra detailing.

3. Goatee Beard For Black Men

The goatee is the juvenile beard style that is popular among black men (mostly with patchy beards) as this beard style is focused more on your chin and mustache.

You can cleanly shave your cheeks and showcase your sharp jawlines if it is one of the dominant features of your face.

Nonetheless, a goatee beard can go with any face shape because of the chin-mustache combination that draws attention to the center of your face.

4. Anchor Beard

Identical to the goatee beard style (but a little more pointy on the chin), anchor beard style pairs your beard and mustache together, also known as ‘Tony Stark’ beard — which I am pretty sure many of us are aware of.

Keeping the essential parts of your beard clean and facial hair short is vital to keep your anchor beard style sharp looking. Men with square, rectangle, or round faces can rock an anchor beard look.

5. Five O’clock Beard

If you want to show off your sharp jawline also with a beard, five o’clock is your way to go.

To freshen this beard look, shave your beard every week or so, with a low blade number to keep the minimum facial hair.

Not only is this beard low-key but also easy to maintain. It looks like a freshly trimmed beard that gives off a natural look to your beard, you only need to give the linings to your cheeks and neck to keep it sharp and masculine.

6. Mustache Style

Black men's mustache styles are great if you want to avoid a bushy and thick beard, just let your mustache grow between your nose and upper lip and keep everything else shaved — you can also leave a small beard on your chin.

Despite being easily attainable and manageable, a mustache always looks great on a confident man. You can give style to your mustache by trimming it thinner or by leaving it to grow thicker.

7. Chin Beard

If you are in for a clean and sexy look, a chin beard should be your best option, shave off your sideburns and any facial hair on your cheeks leaving the beard only on your chin.

Since this style weighs more on a goatee-like beard you can leave your mustache barely shaved and the hair connecting it to your chin beard.

8. Mutton Chops

Want to try something unique and vintage? Go for the mutton chops beard style. This is one of the old west beard styles that men still rock, also known as ‘The Wolverine Beard’ after Marvel’s character.

Distinguishing features of mutton chops is a shaved mustache and chin, however, it depends on you whether you shave your chin or leave it be.

Mutton chops are not always a failsafe option, so you should regularly take trips to your barber to keep the edges and details sharp for this time.

9. Bushy Beard

A Bushy beard enhances the manly look of your beard, although, it being more difficult to maintain and groom than a shorter beard it is always worth it.

It is your best option if you want to look more mature and dominant in the circle. You can shave out your unwanted whiskers to shape your beard and make your face appear longer.

10. Soul Patch Beard Style

If you want to try something old-school then why not a soul patch beard?

Soul patch beard style was popular and one of the favorite beard styles of jazz musicians/artists during the 1950s and 1960s — that’s how it gets its other name jazz dot beard.

A soul patch beard is defined as a triangle or a small square of beard that is focused on your chin.

You can also grow a mustache with this one if that suits you better.

11. Van Dyke Beard Style

Van Dyke beard styles also fall in the goatee category, for this, you need to keep your cheeks clean shaved leaving a pointy mustache and a small goatee, however, whether to grow out beard down your lip depends on you.

This is one of the quirky beard styles for black guys.

12. The Carved Beard

The carved beard style can be your other best choice if you want to showcase your prominent jawline, carved beard is popular among young black men as it empowers them to intimate their unique personalities.

You can precisely trim your cheeks, goatee, neck, and mustache to have the fade of the carved beard.

It suits perfectly well on black men with dense facial hair.

13. The Circle Beard

After the popular series ‘breaking bad’ the circle beard has made a huge comeback, the main idea here is to have a strip of beard connected to the ears from the goatee along on your jawline.

However, as an alternative, you can also shave off your sideburns.

Though it is not popular among many black guys, it is a matter of taste. Some black men are sporting this beard style since it keeps every feature of your face enlightened. 

14. Nicolas II Style Beard

This is another old-school beard style that shows off its great dominance. Though you won’t see this style common among black men, the ones sporting it nowadays have turned the tables.

This beard style weighs more on a bushy beard and a pointy chin along with long mustaches, don’t get discouraged by the shagginess of this beard style, every black man can eventually grow that length of a beard.

You just need to be patient with your facial hair.

15. The Split Beard

Tired of your long whiskers splitting? You should definitely try the split beard style. It is common in long beards that they split after some time due to low sebum distribution to the tips of the beard.

However, sporting a split beard has been popular among black men especially after Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the characters’ split beards.

You can let your beard grow long and then split it in two, you can even use braids to look even more gorgeous.

16. The Bald Men Beard

Who cares if you go bald when you can still rock your appearance with a bold-looking beard?

Bald black men can try growing a full beard, instead of worrying about not having hair on your beard and focus on your facial hairs that still grow.

The bald man's beard attracts attention to your face plus this combination is just irresistible. Not only bald men rock this beard, even black guys with hair go bald to attain the vibe of this style.

17. Ducktail Beard

Just as its name states, you have a ducktail beard when your chin beard resembles a ducktail. The idea is simple, you just need to let your chin beard grow until you are there.

You can then shape it in any way you prefer to suit your face shape the best.

18. Barely Shaved Beard

The barely shaved beard is also like its name suggests but do not complicate it with no facial hair at all, the key feature here is the sexy shadow appearance of facial hair on your face.

Resembling the five o’clock beard style the idea is also the same — you need to trim your beard at the lowest length just so that it gives off a shadow appearance on your beard.

This beard style is common among black men with thick facial hair.

19. The Mini Goatee

If you are still thinking about trying a few more varieties of mini goatee — here is another one for you.

The definition of a mini goatee is that you just need to go small with your facial hair only so that your goatee is visible.

Because of its awesomeness, goatees have been dominating black men for a long time, give its mini version a try if you like to remain a bit neater.

20. The Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi beard style falls into the ‘full beard category’, you need to let your facial hair grow to an extent of 7 to 8 inches until you get the U shape on the bottom side of your beard.

You can trim your overly bushy sideburns to further detail your garibaldi beard.

Black guys who like to keep and look calm go for garibaldi beard style. 

21. Friendlier Mutton Chops

Friendlier mutton chops are another variant of regular mutton chops but are slightly different, the idea is still the same — let your sideburns and mustache grow until they connect.

Keep in mind that in this version of mutton chops, your mustache makes the main difference.

Sideburns must be extended so that they connect to the edge of your mouth as well as your mustache.

22. Mid-Range Stubble 

If you like to keep your beard neat and not messy at all — just don’t let it grow to the point of becoming messy. Mid-range stubble can be described as a 4-7 days old beard.

Stubble beard style is one of the most appealing beard styles for black men and has made a huge comeback — keep in mind that this is not your good old five o'clock beard style where you almost shave your beard to get that shadow appearance.

A Stubble beard is where your beard resembles a full beard but hardly.

23. The Chin Curtain Beard Style

The chin curtain beard style is for confident black men, this beard style is exactly what you have imagined by the given name. 

You need to shave off your sideburns only to let your beard have a linear strip over your jawline all the way down to your chin. That being said, you won’t have to connect that strip off your beard to your mustache.

To rock this beard style even better, black men should shave off their mustaches.

24. The Hipster Beard

Black men that can grow a full lush beard, should head towards having a hipster beard. All you need to do is let your beard show its lushness and moisturize it using beard balms to keep it maintained.

25. Boxed Beard 

To try this black beard style, let your beard grow full and when you think it’s at an optimal length start defining your cheeks lines. A pencil mustache is trendy with this beard style.

26. Viking Black Men Beard Style

Viking beards have always been dominating most of the beard styles throughout history.

A Viking beard requires you to have a long beard on the chin that makes your face appear longer than it actually is, which in a way, means that different black men with different face shapes can always sport this beard look.

27. Faded Beard Style For Black Men

A faded beard along with a haircut always looks up to the mark on any black man, to define this beard style, even more, get more crisp cheek lines and a well-defined mustache.

The fades go along the sideburns. 

28. The Chin Puff

The chin puff seems like a beard style any black man can pull off just fine. True, but keeping it well-groomed and fabulous can be challenging for some.

A small mane of beard on your chin is all you need to have.

29. The Angular Beard Style For Black Men

This is one of the most common beard styles among young black men. An angular beard style is where you have sharp edges and linings.

To look even more amazing go with a groovy dreadlocks hairstyle.

30. The Professional Beard Style

If you are or like to appear professional in your circle, try adapting this beard style for black men, your beard will definitely make you look more mature and collected among your friends or colleagues.

31. The Little Goatee

The little goatee beard style takes the regular goatee to the next level, it’s one of the trendiest and fashionable beard styles. The short goatee look is never going to take you down.

Give it a try to make your smirk even spicier.

32. Thin Beard Style For Black Men

The thin beard style is for black men who are looking for a finely shaved beard style —that looks like lines drawn by a pencil.  

This beard style is so strong that it slays the audience while giving your face a profound and focused look.

33. The Curvy Beard

If this season you are thinking of getting an artistic beard with stylish curves, that suits your personality and gives you a professional look. 

Then you need to adapt to the curvy beard style since it has a groovy vibe in it, black men with funky hair match this beard style perfectly.

34. Light Tapered Beard

The light tapered bread is a small goatee beard with a disconnected mustache, that aids you in enhancing your overall facial look.

It has light tapering near the sideburns which are angled and broad.

35. The Gorgeous Short Beard

If you want to have a professional and classy look that inspires people around you and makes you look bold and confident. For this purpose, your best choice would be to go for an elegant short beard.   

For better results, you may want to visit a professional hairdresser to maintain this elegant beard style.

36. Stylish Beard With Narrow Sideburns

This stylish beard will give your beard a rugged look along with thinner and lighter sideburns which help to balance out your look.

Keeping a thin mustache over this style beautifies your look even more. 

37. French Beard Style For Black Men

French beard has always been one of the most stylish and cool beard styles.

This gorgeous beard style makes your face look more elongated, and also aids you to get a more solid and appealing chin look.

38. A Dutch Variation for Black Men

Usually, Dutch beards lack a mustache, but some of the variations consist of the mustache. This gentleman’s style is a perfect example of those variations.

39. Faded Beard For Black Men

As the name suggests, in this style fade is between both sides of your cheek separating your hair from your beard hair.

Hence, a faded beard is perhaps the most stylish and coolest beard style for black men. plus you can also show off your sharp jawlines with this amazing style.

40. Pencil Mustache With Beard

Pencil mustache is a classic black look, you can sharpen your mustache's edges with the trimmer. And these mustaches are more fun when you style your beard with a goatee beard style. 

41. Dreaded Beard For Black Men

In case, you are someone who likes to stand out in the crowd, with a different beard style. Then Dreaded beard will be your best option. All you need to do is to grow your beard and move towards this beard style.

42. Light Stubble With Dreadlocks

It isn't always easy to get a perfect beard style that matches your dreadlocks. But who knew the recipe to it would be this easy?

A simple light stubble beard would look perfect with your dreadlocks. This beard style can fit your face shape just right.

43. Heavy Stubble With Long Curly Hair

A black man with an elongated face with curly hair looks really cool with heavy stubble. You will look even more pronounced when you keep your cheek areas and necklines well-defined and clean.

44. Long Beard And Toned Down Sides

Best for veteran old men, this beard style gives off a professional vibe into your personality, just look at the picture and see how collected this gentleman looks with his grey toned-down beard.

45. Salt and Pepper Beard Style

Salt and pepper beard style will look fabulous on you if some portions of your hair are white; while the rest of the hair is black. 

If you think of keeping this beard style then it's essential to keep your beard healthy and hygienic.

46. The Hollywoodian 

The Hollywoodian beard is a heavy and stubble beard. It usually grows over your jawline and all over your chin. This is a perfect fit for black men who can grow a beard a thick beard.

47. Patchy Beard For Black Men

A goatee connected to your thin stubble and neckbeard is a perfect solution for the patchy beard. As it's uncertain for you to know which parts of your beard will have more or less beard growth. 

You need to grow out your beard from all sides because it will add depth to your beard.

48. Beard Style For Round Shaped Face Black Men

A black man with a round face can have many great beard styles.

If you have a round face, many cool beard styles will suit your face and rock your looks.

One of the bread styles is the extended goatee. Conventionally, the extended goatee is a goatee that grows along the jawline and chin, sometimes it merges with the sideburns.

49. Thick Beard With Buzz Cut

Thick beards with buzz cuts are ideal for the man with a thinner face, you can let your wild side escape and chill with this messy mane. 

All you need to do is to grow out your beard and then go for the perfect buzz cut for yourself.

50. Dope Line Up Black Men Beard

Black men with detailed beards and linings always look dope. detailing is the key here, everything must look well connected and precise.

Visit a professional barber who knows how to give proper lines to your beard and connect the sideburns to your head hair just fine.

This is one of the fresh beard styles for black men.


This list is compiled with some of the irresistible black men's beard styles for you to choose from, no matter what black beard you embrace and how it grows. You can achieve these fresh aforementioned beard styles matching your face shape, beard growth, or even your mood.

Make sure to have a trip to your barber for some complicated beard styles that require more detailing and fades since most of them can't be done just right at home and you wouldn't want to compromise when it comes to your beard.

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