50 Of The Best Bald With Beard Styles

If we weigh up the old times — a man losing his head hair and eventually going bald wasn’t something people praised. But thanks to the smoking trend of ‘bald with beards’ - gave the bald guys the confidence to be distinct and look even sexier with their shiny dome.

Besides, research has shown that women find bald men with beards more attractive; why? Because of masculinity, men gleam with this appearance wherever they go; the beard enhances their overall appearance. After all, bald with a beard is the combo that is just peerless.

With that being said, it doesn’t matter if you are naturally bald or just like to retain your hair to the minimum; a beard will always spice up your game of masculinity. 

Beard Styles For Bald Men

We've compiled a list of different beard styles for bald men for you to choose from; read on as you might find the one you needed all along.

1. Basic Beard Styles For Bald Men

Bald or hairy, any guy can grow out a basic beard that looks sleek on them. Likewise, if you are bald but blessed with thick facial hair, you are in luck.

2. Goatee Beard

A goatee is a classic that never goes out of beard styles — we’ve seen different goatee variations common in renowned celebrities, including Dwayne Johnson, Johnny Depp, and Christian Bale. Believe it or not, a goatee compliments a bald man right above the charts.

3. Stubble Beard Styles For Bald Men

Growing a stubble beard won’t take you ages, plus it is effortless grooming; just a few days after shaving, you can achieve a stubble that enhances your professional look. 

Consider Bruce Willis for a moment; it looks like the stubble beard was made just to fit men with bald men like his.

4. Long Full Beard

Balding guys with long beards with wide mustaches always slay the definition of fashion. The vibe this look gives off with a bald head is just unbeatable. If you are not bald, you might want to shave your head to adapt to the intensity of this beard.

5. Long Full Beard With Handlebar Mustache

If you can grow out a big long beard and maintain just as well, you should add a handlebar mustache to it and make it even more badass. 

This beard and mustache combination's raw yet powerful aura is always several notches higher than any other full beard look.

It would take some skills and patience to sprout out a handlebar mustache, but once you start seeing the curls on it, it’s time for you to stand out in your circle.

6. The Van Dyke Beard Styles

This one also falls in the best beard styles for bald men, a Van Dyke is similar to a goatee with a disconnected beard and mustache with a pointy beard on both ends.

You can trim out your upper cheeks and sideburns and just keep the beard at the downside with pointy edges.

7. Full Mustache Only

If you don't want to bother growing a beard nor keeping it well-maintained all the time, get a mustache as an alternative. A mustache without a beard look is just as fine. Not only is it a sign of masculinity, but also liked by many women.

You can try out a handlebar mustache, but if that’s not your thing, you can go with a regular one; you’ll still dominate this mustache with your bald head.

8. Hipster Beard For Bald Guys

Bushy full beard always appears badass, plus it covers half of your face, making you look mysterious and collected at the same time. Don’t let the word ‘hipster’ make you go weary of this beard look. 

The bushy hipster beard look leaves people in awe when combined with a bald head.

9. The Soul Patch Beard

A man with a shaved head wearing a soul patch is a sight to see; though it is not common among bald guys, it stands out nonetheless.

A soul patch is a bit pointy mane that sits just perfectly down your lower lip.

Bald men with diamond, rectangular and rectangular face shapes can rock this beard flawlessly.

10. Chin Puff

Chin Puff is a combination of a goatee and a soul patch beard because of the mustache that sets it apart from just being a soul patch. It's an excellent option to keep if you are facing beard bald.

Bald with beard guys can style a chin puff with a connected mustache, chin curtain, or disconnected mustache.

11. Disconnected Goatee

Another variant of the goatee beard, the disconnected goatee, is often represented as a goatee with a disconnected mustache or just the regular goatee but fully grown.

Keeping the disconnected goatee grown can help balding guys emphasize their facial hair even more.

12. The Hollywoodian

It gets its name because of the popularity of this beard among Hollywood celebrities' beard styles.

A Hollywoodian beard can sometimes be mistaken for a Van Dyke beard style, but it defines itself as — shaved sideburns and beard connected to the mustache.

13. Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are mainly the ‘sideburns left to grow’ although it may seem a quirky style for bald men, it is a failsafe option.

To achieve this, bald men should let their sideburns expand and shave off their neck and chin beard to get the regular mutton chops style.

A mutton chop is all about detailing and careful trimming; you wouldn’t want things to go south with this style.

14. Friendlier Mutton Chops

Friendlier mutton chops are a variant of traditional mutton chop beard styles but are slightly different.

The general idea is the same, but here you can let your mustaches grow and connect them to your sideburns — a decent mutton chop style for bald men that love their stache.

15. The Garibaldi Beard Styles

Garibaldi is one of the full beard styles for bald men who can nurture a big thick beard.

Let your beard grow at a considerable length and trim out the sides to the bottom to give your beard an overall round shape.

Garibaldi beard is often seen as sexy on bald men with long-shaped faces.

16. The Pencil Mustache

A mustache too thin to make you look younger yet badass. A pencil mustache never goes out of fashion with a bald head.

Any man can be swayed with this mustache; either you have to shave your head or not.

Keep in mind that pencil mustaches are all about balance.

17. Wild West Mustache

Grow out a wild west mustache; just as its name states, this stache is wild yet collected; make sure to comb this thick stache daily to hold fast its elegance.

18. Norse Skipper

Norse skipper is one of the unique beard styles for bald men who like to stand out in the crowd and be in the spotlight.

The idea is simple — grow out an upside-down teardrop-shaped beard long about 3 to 4 inches on your chin — no wider than your mouth, and shave every other facial hair.

19. The Chin Curtain

Abraham Lincoln's classic beard still looks on every bald man.

Chin Strap beard is precisely what you can already visualize by the name of it. 

This form of beard doesn’t require you to have wide sideburns but a thin line of beard that goes down your jawline onto the chin covering it as a whole — hence the name.

20. Chin Strap Beard

Chinstrap can be called another version of the regular chin curtain, but this time you need to keep the thin line of beard defined to its minimum, making you look neat and clean.

A chin strap can also be connected to your mustache or leave it be; either way, it looks fabulous if you are bald with a beard guy.

21. Handlebar Mustache

Try wearing a handlebar mustache if you want to keep beard styles aside and look badass with just your mustache.

Let your mustache expand until you can make pointy ends on each side until you see the balance, but those are best achieved with wax.

22. Boxed Short Beard

If you are in for a short beard look that is also easy to keep up rather than beard styles that require time and techniques, wear a short boxed beard, it is defined as nothing other than your non-patchy full beard.

The length of a short beard can vary from different bald men adopting this look.

23. Handlebar Moustache + Goatee

It is hard to beat a combo when two different classic facial hair looks affiliate.

This is your regular goatee but disconnected to your mustache because you’d want your handlebar mustache with pointed ends, use wax to showcase the pointy end sharper.

24. Wavy Beard

If your beard has natural curls and waves, you can style a wavy beard just fine.

However, a wavy beard can easily get tangled. Invest in products like a beard comb and beard balm/oil rather than some beard straightener that damage your beard hair. That way, your skin will also be moisturized.

25. The One Year Beard

The one-year beard, also known by some people as the ‘yeard beard,’ is precisely what its name suggests.

If you are bald with beard kind of man who loves to sport his long beard, you’d still need loyalty and dedication to growing out this one.

The idea is just to let the thing grow to its fullest; make sure to keep using beard products to stimulate your beard growth.

26. The Klingon

That is one of those beard styles where you keep your regular short beard and shave off the mustache (not wholly) as the connecting hair of the beard to the mustache is left intact to adopt this look.

27. The Walrus Moustache

Not to be mistaken for handlebar mustache or wild west mustache, this mustache look focuses more on the lushness of the mustache, resembling the whiskers of a walrus.

You should keep the maintenance of it every 2-3 days.

28. The Balbo Beard

Here is another goatee variant; lately, the Balbo beard has been considered one of the favorites for bald men with round faces because of the bald men rocking this beard style.

Shave off your sideburns and mustache connectors ultimately to adopt this fantastic look.

29. Extended Goatee

An extended goatee looks much like a Hollywoodian but with a regular goatee vibe in it.

The appearance of this beard is defined as shaved sideburns with a full extended goatee on your chin connected to your mustache.

And it looks incredible with a bald head!

30. Circle Beard for Bald Men

As a whole, circle beard has some mixed reviews about it, but it's all a matter of taste. 

A circle beard focuses more on the mouth part of the facial hair, a simple goatee connected to a mustache. And some sharp dealings on the sideburns.

Nonetheless, a circle beard looks dope on every bald man, especially ones with diamond and square face shapes. 

31. Extended French Beard

No one can grow out of love of something as romantic as a French beard, but we decided to take a step further to its extended version.

A shaved head is an excellent match for this one.

32. The Light Beard

Nothing can beat the simple maintenance of a light beard; this is a great beard style for bald guys who are just starting and don’t know where to start.

Just let it grow is all you need to do.

33. The Rough Man Beard Look

When combined with a bushy beard, we know a bald man emits the energy one with hair just can not pull off. Let your whiskers grow long, embrace a rough man beard that enhances your dominant personality on the people around you.

34. Ducktail Beard

Grow out the beard on your chin big until it resembles the look of a ducktail.

That is one of the beards for bald men that has earned its popularity effortlessly because of its shape that suits almost any face shape.

35. The Split Beard For Bald Men

Splitting a beard can happen when we leave it out to grow, plus dryness of your beard can be another causing factor.

However, you can still amazingly style your split beard — let it split and use braids for an enhancement.

36. Long Beard With Sharped Down Sideburns

Another classy beard look for long beard lovers. To rock this beard kind, let your beard grow at an optimal length, sharp trim your wide sideburns, giving them a chinstrap look but not wholly.

Look how collected this gentleman looks with this beard.

37. Patchy Beard Look For Bald Men

A patchy beard is not a problem when you know what styles you could give your beard to look fabulous. For bald men with a patchy beard, let your facial hair grow, and you would see a resemblance to a goatee beard; it doesn't matter if it’s connected or not.

38. Dutch Variation For Bald Men

Do you want to appear more professional in your personal or professional life? Shave off your mustache and wear the infamous Dutch variation to keep up your game of confidence.

39. Angular Beard For Bald Men

An angular beard always looks dope on a bald man with a long face, plus it is liked by women.

Sharp linings and detailed sideburns, and a thick beard on the chin are all it's about. 

40. Cool Faded Beard

One of the latest and quirky best beard styles for bald men, a faded beard always requires precision, so; you’d better go to your professional barber to get the best of it.

It's a good thing if you have sharp jawlines because now's your time to show off.

41. Dope Beard With Narrow Sideburns

A cool beard with thin and balanced sideburns intensifies your facial look with this one.

A thin mustache is always welcomed to spice up this beard.

42. Nicolas II Beard

One of the commonly worn old-school best beard styles by bald men, this appearance weighs on your professional bushy beard with a thick, pointy mustache.

Grow a beard that shows your true potential to people just by looking at your facial hair.

43. Anchor Beard

Inspired by Tony Stark of MCU. We have seen this ‘goatee like’ beard hit the charts lately, no matter if you are balding or not. A fan is just a fan.

However, the catch is that an anchor beard looks good on almost every guy with a square or diamond shape. 

44. The Carved Beard

Keep your beard relaxed yet detailed; a carved beard can be an excellent choice for a bald guy wanting to showcase his jawline. 

45. Five O'Clock Beard

A completely crisp beard that looks freshly trimmed, hence the name. The idea is the simplest: keep your beard minimalist and keep it 1-2 days old; the maintenance is also effortless with this one.

46. Viking Beard For Bald Men

Every guy with a striking personality has been rocking a Viking beard. The catch here is that you, as a bald guy, can dominate this beard and look even better as if it was made for you.

A Viking beard fits almost every face shape.

47. Professional Beard Style

If you are balding or like to keep your head shaved and can grow out a full beard, embrace a long professional beard since any bald guy with long whiskers always appears professional and collected within his circle.

48. Mid-Range Stubble

One should not take a mid-range stubble for granted; it is not your regular five ‘O clock beard that grows thin a few hours but a 5-6 days old beard.

That is one of the low-maintenance beard styles that gives off an attractive look to your face.

49. The Zappa Beard

The Zappa beard is a rebellious beard style not made for a bald guy with a tie or a suit.

Let your mustaches grow thick pointing downwards with a soul patch, shave everything off and adopt this funky beard look to match your personality.

50. The Undecided Beard

You are thinking about growing a beard to comprehend your bald look but not so sure about any style?

Just let it grow, and you'll get there. Once you've grown a beard, make use of your trimmer and trim out excessive hair pointing out or any flyways to upkeep your appearance every single day.

Last Words

Every bald man can sport different beard styles without having to worry about any second thought. Thanks to every bald head, each beard we mentioned looks unique yet outstanding on them.

The beard styles aforementioned are for every bald guy, and that with different face shapes, embrace your great beards and give them your best because you don't have to worry about keeping your head hair maintained.

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