5 Types of Razors For Shaving

What’s the best type of razor you should be using to shave.

Cartridge Razors

The Mach 21 with 100 close shaving blades! The hydro, quadra dragon fire bladed head. Yes, you’ve seen these many times before. These are the razors that are in Walgreens behind those stupid plastic cases where you have to call the attendant that can never be found just to open the case and watch you while you choose between the 50 or 55 face blade options.

I’m clearly being a bit ridiculous, but you get my point. The cartridge razor is generally seen as the staple of most men’s shaving kits. They come in a plethora of blade counts. They even have aloe soothing strips on them that keep your skin from being irritated as you glide them across your face.


This razor is well known for having a base, usually made of plastic, that you don’t dispose of. The heads range in price from $5-20 for a package and you can dispose of them as you see fit. It’s very easy to carry these on an airplane, for you business travelers, which makes them probably one of the most common types of razors you will find for this reason.



  • Lots of options
  • Relatively inexpensive with all of the shave clubs
  • Can easily be carried onto an airplane
  • Easy to use and almost impossible to cut yourself



  • The price can be expensive.
  • Longer hair is caught in the blades causing multiple passes which increase skin irritation


Disposable Razors

Have you ever seen a razor made by the same company that makes your pens?  Most people don’t enjoy shaving with a razor that is manufactured by the same company that makes your niece’s school supplies, but that is generally what you get when you’re buying disposable.

disposable razor

The heads on these razors aren’t replaceable and they are intended, usually, for a single use. What else is there to say? They are extremely helpful if you left your razor at home instead of in your Dopp kit or maybe you slept over at someone’s house and need to grab a quick shave before heading into the office. Either way, you’re not expecting a lot out of these types of razors other than a quick way to remove that 5 o’clock shadow that has now graduated into full on stubble.



  • Cheap and disposable
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive and easy to find almost anywhere



  • Cheap and disposable
  • Not the closest of shaves
  • Not particularly comfortable on your skin


Electric Razor

These are the types of razors for the man that needs a quick and efficient shave. There are so many options, features, gadgets, and styles that it would take an entire article to explain them. From glow in the dark, laser-guided, shaving cruise control all the way to liners and oil-secreting cartridges; there isn’t anything you can’t get in an electric razor.

electric razor

Generally speaking, this is the type of razor that you should use if you’re the type of gentleman that removes ALL of your facial hair. When done every day, this is probably the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of all your facial hair. Most of them, don’t even require lather which is an added plus for men that may share a bathroom with another person or several small children.



  • Fast. You could probably shave off your stubble in world record time
  • Options. I don’t think there is anything you could want that doesn’t exist in SOME type of electric shaver
  • Easy shave.


  • Price
  • Not the closest shave
  • Needs electricity or to be charged


Safety Razor

I think that most men would benefit from learning how to shave with these types of razors. The safety razor utilizes a single razor blade that is shielded beneath a robust metal body. The closeness of shave on a safety razor parallels any 6 blade cartridge razor that you will find on the market. However, the sharpness of the blade and the difficulty of use put this blade out of reach for most people

safety razor

The razors are extremely inexpensive and the metal bodies are extremely beautiful and come in many different options. There is a learning curve on the angle you have to shave at and most people cut themselves during this process. However, if you’re able to become proficient, then you’re going to enjoy an amazing shave.



  • The razor blades are inexpensive.
  • Very close shave
  • Lots of fancy looking options to choose from with safety razors



  • The handles can be expensive
  • The learning curve takes times
  • You can’t carry these razors on airplanes


Straight Razor

The mack daddy of all the types of razors you will encounter. You’ve definitely seen the straight razor in just about every barber shop and in the hands of many movie villains. It’s also the razor that is seen in just about every old timey movie. Think of those weird albino twins from The Matrix. The straight razor is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a straight piece of metal that is sharpened to a razor edge.

straight razor

I personally think that a straight razor is a professional tool. The delicate skill and angle needed to effectively cut hair and not your skin is something that is difficult to achieve as individual users. However, I understand that there is definitely a cool factor to being able to shave with a straight blade or even just have one in your bathroom when guest rummage through your cabinets (Don’t act like you never look!)


The best part about a traditional straight razor is that you’ll never have to pay for blades. You simple re-sharpen these types of razors on a leather strap or sharpening stone and you’re ready to shave.



  • Very close shave
  • Never have to purchase blades
  • Extremely cool
  • Backup use as a prop in case you decide to become a villain in an action movie



  • Higher learning curve
  • Not the most practical razor for quick shaving
  • Trying to take this on an airplane could get you brought into a “special room” for questioning

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