33 Of The Best Shaving Brushes You Can Buy

There are many reasons why using a shaving brush is much better for wet shaving. There are also many brushes on the market and while I don't think you can go wrong with any option, I've found 33 different options for you to choose from. This guide will help you figure out what will work best for you.

In a Hurry? Here Is My Top Pick

Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Badger Shaving...
  • PREMIUM “3 BAND” SILVERTIP BRISTLES: This silvertip badger brush is made of the highest grade...

Why use a shaving brush?

  • Shaving brushes soften the hair and lift it of the face for a closer shave
  • The brush hairs also work as an exfoliator that will remove dead skin to give you a cleaner shave
  • Shaving brushes are great at making a frothy shaving lather that will encourage a more smoother shave
  • They just look cool 🙂 

What are the types of shaving brushes

Badger Hair

Badger hair shaving brushes are the most common that you'll find in the market place. I personally prefer them as they ten do have a more softer feel to them. They retain water a lot better and create the strongest lathers.

Boar Hair

Boar hair shaving brushes are also common and you may find this type of animal hair in your beard or hair brush as they tend to be a bit more firm. The boar hair shaving brush also does a better job of lifting hairs from your skin because the boar hairs have a hook-like quality to them. Over time the boar hair will get softer as boar hair naturally splits.

Horse Hair

While there is a longer history that goes into horse hair brushes, the best selling point is that the horse doesn't have to die in order to make the brush. The hair is simply cut from the horses tail. Horse hair doesn't hold water as well as a quality badger brush and the few that I've used have a... unique smell to them at first.

I mean... it is hair over a horses ass ??‍♂️.


These brushes are made from nylon bristle or other plastic synthetics. These brushes lather and perform just as well as animal hair variants, but are a great option for those that are against animal products of any kind. 

The 10 Best Badger Hair Shaving Brushes

1. Parker 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle Faux Horn Handle Shaving Brush

Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Badger Shaving...
  • PREMIUM “3 BAND” SILVERTIP BRISTLES: This silvertip badger brush is made of the highest grade...

Parker is known for great quality shaving razors and their shaving brush products are no different. You can't go wrong with a trusted brand and this silvertip badger brush will hold more then enough water to give you a rich lather

Things We Like

  • Silvertip badger hair retains water well
  • Comes with stand
  • Faux horn handle

2. VIKINGS BLADE Luxury Badger Brush

VIKINGS BLADE 'Dark Stallion' Luxury Shaving...
  • 2021 Upgrade: No more hair entanglement + Heavier base. Pure luxury high end shaving brush

The handle is just gorgeous! Black obsidian acrylic with the alloy base combination make this handle look and feel luxurious. The handle is heavy and comfortable to hold, you can feel quality that sets this brush handle aside for the others. The logo in the alloy is fantastic and adds an extra touch of quality.

Things We Like

  • Black obsidian handle
  • Luxury look and feel

3. Perfecto 100% Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

This is an excellent brush for both beginners and long time users as well. As far as smell, there is a VERY slight smell, however it's more of a solvent smell as opposed to a wild animal smell. I simply washed the brush with dish soap and the smell was gone.

One of the biggest complaints of other brushes was the shedding. Does this brush shed? Yes, but it's not bad at all. When you wash it for the first time, you'll end up with a few hairs in your hand. However, now, after shaving almost every day, the brush maybe loses one hair every three to four days.

Things We Like

  • Value & Price
  • Authentic Badger Hair

4. Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Miusco Natural Badger Hair Wet Shaving Brush and...
  • 100% sterilized and soft pure badger hair shaving brush, it can generate rich and warm lather for...

The Classic Shaving Brush and Stand Set is a heavy weighted, compact solution to store your shaving brush and razor. Its condensed design is suitable for use in any size bathroom. Made of durable nickel plating, the stand will resist rust and wear well in a wet environment.

Things We Like

  • Includes a stand which is great for drying
  • Natural wood handle

5. BRV Shaving Brush

BRV MEN 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush LARGE (24mm...
  • QUALITY - To achieve the best results it helps to start with the best equipment. The 100% pure...

This brush is as good as one that I have that costs more than twice as much. The brush is very soft when wet and holds water well. Shedding, for a new brush, is minimal. The "wet fur smell", that comes from any natural bristle brush when first used, is far less compared to other brushes I have used. 

Things We Like

  • Value & Price
  • Soft Bristles
  • Gives a great lather

6. Anbbas Shaving Brush

Shaving Set, 3in1 Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush...
  • TECHNOLOGY: Handcrafted production,every brush hair need to go through 25 working procedures,...

Things We Like

  • Comes with stand and shaving bowl
  • Great value for money

7. Lather & Wood Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Pure Badger Shaving Brush –Premium Handmade in...
  • LOFTED WITH PURE BADGER HAIR that’s hand formed and hand set into a beautiful lathe turned handle....

Things We Like

  • Made in England
  • Free warranty on products
  • 21mm knot of pure badger hair

8. Title

Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle...
  • HANDCRAFTED WITH PERFECTION: This Silvertip badger shaving brush is handcrafted with long loft...

Silvertip Badger is the softest grade of badger. Many shaving enthusiasts will use nothing other than silvertip. The silvertips are best for those with sensitive skin because of their super soft bristles.

Things We Like

  • Chrome Handle
  • 100% Silvertip badger hair

9. Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush with Drip...
  • Medium size & weight Best Badger brush is ideal for all wet shavers; Material: Sheffield using...

Edwin Jagger is a household name in the shaving business. I've purchased this brush on two occasions (I lost the first one in a move) and I have never been disappointed. The Badger hair has worn in very well and the drip stand is the perfect addition for smaller bathrooms with less space

Things We Like

  • Great quality feel
  • Compact stand for smaller bathrooms
  • Holds water like a bucket

10. Parker Premium Black Badger Shaving Brush

Parker Safety Razor, 100% Black Badger Bristle...
  • DENSE BRISTLES FOR RICH LATHER: This shaving brush comes with long loft bristles in a dense bristle...

Black badger brushes are a great alternative to silvertip and Parker is a great brand that has been around for 40 years. Black badger is a stiffer grade brush but they hold just as much water as regular badger hair. This is a great option for those stuck between badger hair and boar hair brushes.

Things We Like

  • Black badger hair is stiffer for those who need it
  • Still holds water like a bucket
  • Beautiful marble handle

The 11 Best Boar Hair Shaving Brushes

Boar bristles are generally thicker and stronger than badger hair and as a result they tend to have less flexibility originally. Boar bristles will actually absorb water so they tend to take longer to dry, but the best benefit of boar bristles are they naturally split over time.

The split hairs will work better over time and still give you the benefits of a thicker and firmer shaft with more support. I shave my head which is why I use the softer badger hair brush, but if you're shaving your face a boar brush might be a better fit for more coarse and thicker facial hair.

1. Parker 100% Boar Bristle Shaving Brush with Rosewood Handle

Parker Safety Razor Handmade 100% Deluxe Boar...
  • 100% GENUINE BOAR BRISTLE SHAVING BRUSH: This razor brush contains the stiffest boar bristles that...

For me, boar hair brushes are the best because they lather up so well and give your face that invigorating work-over that lets it know it's in for a real shave. This brush is very stiff and thickly packed with bristles and it produces lots of lather; nevertheless, I find it very comfortable to shave with. It is also a high quality brush, which is very often not the case if you intentionally buy boar brushes. 

Things We Like

  • Softer feel
  • Comes With Stand

2. Semogue 1305 Superior Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

After trying out an Omega, I'm very impressed with the quality of this brush. The handle is fantastic and the proportions are ideal for me. The hair is also very soft and started to break in after the first use. It also barely had any scent. I'm fairly certain this brush is given more care during construction than other boars. The 1305 is also one of the most popular Semogue's because it uses their "premium" grade boar hair

Things We Like

  • Lacquered beechwood handle
  • Works great with hard soaps
  • Good Value

3. Omega Professional Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

The omega is a great product and brush made of thick badger hair. This is one of the brushes that you will definitely want to soak for 24 hours before use. The loft is high but that does not mean this isn't good for face lathering. Once you break in, this brush will bring more joy to your shaving and will surely last for years to come.

Things We Like

  • Large brush with large handle; easier to hold
  • Long stiff bristles

4. Semogue 620 Superior Boar Bristle Shaving Brush 

Absolutely amazing brush. This 620 makes quick work of lathering up soaps and creams whether on the face or in a bowl. I prefer to lather soaps directly to the face and I've enjoyed the extra resistance from this brush. This brush is tall but not so tall that it touches the bottom of a brush stand.

Things We Like

  • Top quality boar bristle
  • Great for lathering your face

5. Semogue 1250 Natural Boar Bristle Shaving Brush 

This is a decent quality brush, especially for the price. As with all boar brushes, this one will need to be washed thoroughly with warm water and shampoo or soap before using to remove the boar smell. Then use a highly scented shave cream like Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood the first couple of times the brush is used to mask any remaining odor. It will take a while for the brush to be fully broken in.

Things We Like

  • 90% Top Boar Bristle
  • Ergonomic wood handle
  • Great Value

6. Omega Shaving Brush #10048 Boar Bristle Aka The PRO 48

Omega Shaving Brush #10048 Boar Bristle Aka The...
  • PROFESSIONAL BRUSH - Many professionals prefer the Omega Pro 48 due to its high-quality performance

The handle is just gorgeous! Chrome plated with the alloy base combination make this handle look and feel luxurious. The handle is heavy and comfortable to hold, you can feel quality that sets this brush handle aside for the others. 

Things We Like

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Strong knot that doesn't shed easily

7. Pre de Provence Men's Boar Bristle Shave Brush with Aluminum Handle for Quick Lather 

Pre de Provence No.63 Men's Collection, Shave...
  • GIVE YOUR SKIN SOME LOVE - Helps quickly lather and gently exfoliate the skin

The Pre de Provence men's boar bristle shave brush with aluminum handle, made in Italy, is used to apply shave soap to the skin. It's simple to create a warm lather by soaking the soap and brush in hot water then working the brush on the soap to create foam. Applying the lather can then lift the hairs, providing a close shave.

Things We Like

  • Cool aluminum handle
  • Dyed to look like a premium badger hair brush

8. Nature Boar Bristle Hair Wooden Handle Shaving Cleaning Brush 

Nature Boar Bristle Hair Wooden Handle Shaving...
  • These Shaving Brushes are in good condition, very nice price.

Things We Like

  • Excellent Quality, packaged well. 
  • Genuine wood handle

9. Semogue Owners Club - Cherry Wood Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

This is the boar bristle cherry wood version of the SOC brush. According to some aficionados, this is the best boar shaving brush ever made. By my own experience, I can assure this is the most comfortable handle I ever experienced. For those who love the feeling proportionated by big and dense boar bristles, this brush is a good option. It's perfect to make huge amount of foam. Although it will work very well with shaving soaps, I find this better suited for shaving cream. Like every Semogue brushes, this is handmade in Portugal.

Things We Like

  • Cherry Wood Handle
  • Premium Bristle

10. Omega Shaving Brush # 10098 Professional Boar Bristle 

Omega Pure Bristle Shaving Brush 10098
  • Omega pure bristle shaving brush 10098

The bristles are longer than normal and of natural boar hair, the "Paint brush" handle affords a longer reach than most other shaving brushes. A great starter brush, the Omega Professional shaving brush transforms the soap into a denser, richer foam.

Things We Like

  • Long handle is easy to hold
  • Stiff bristles

11. William Marvy Co. No. 5 - Omega Wood Handle Shaving Brush 

Things We Like

  • Short break in time
  • Smaller knot and size for compact spaces

The 7 Best Horse Hair Shaving Brushes

Horse hair is a great alternative to badger and boar if you want the feel of a real hair brush, but you want that brush to have been made without killing the animal.

Horse hair doesn't hold water as well as badger hair, but it's stiff enough to function as a quality shaving brush. The stiffer horse hairs will give a good lather and help pick up facial hair just as good as any brush without the emotional guilt of killing an animal.

1. Cremo 100% Cruelty-Free Shave Brush

The Cremo shave brush is made from 100% cruelty-free horsehair, removed ethically through natural grooming, with no harm or discomfort to any animal. This horsehair shave brush delivers and astonishingly superior shaving experience. The tips of the brush are softened for an exceptional feel on your face. The base of the hair is left natural for a firm but flexible brush that lathers perfectly every time

Things We Like

  • Cruelty-free
  • Softer brush tip
  • Natural hair base for a more firm knot

2. Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Vie-Long 12705 Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Red...
  • Vie-Long: The Vie-Long horse hair shaving brush is a great looking brush with classic styling....

The Vie-Long 12705 is a premium horse hair shaving brush with a red acrylic handle manufactured in Valencia, Spain. The hair has been left in its natural color and is an attractive addition to any wet shaving collection.

Things We Like

  • Beautiful red handle
  • Great lather

3. Vie-Long 04312 Professional Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Vie-Long 04312 Professional Horse Hair Shaving...
  • Vie-Long: The Vie-Long horse hair shaving brush is a great looking brush with classic styling....

The Vie-Long 04312 is a professional horse hair shaving brush with a wooden and metal handle manufactured in Valencia, Spain. The hair is extra long is an attractive addition to any wet shaving collection.

Things We Like

  • Wood and Metal handle looks immaculate and has a good weight
  • High loft brush for rich lather

4. Vie-long 13071 23mm Horsehair Brush

This Vie Long brush is great. The hair is relatively soft at the tips, especially as the brush breaks in, yet has good backbone. Thus, it is an ideal option for lathering both soft shave creams and hard shave soaps.The Olive-wood handle is beautiful.

Things We Like

  • Gorgeous wood handle
  • Thick 23mm hair knot

5. Vie Long 13066 Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Things We Like

  • Soft tip for smooth feel
  • Large robust handle for easy gripping

6. Vie-Long Long Handled Horse Hair Shaving Brush

This white horse hair is unbleached and combines the soft hair of the mane with the firm strands of the tail for the perfect grooming requisite. (White hair is known to be softer than brown). Lather up with ease and enjoy a pleasant shave. All hair is acquired during normal grooming so animals are not hurt in producing these brushes. This wooden handle is tall and slim making it excellent for mug lathers but it works great in all applications.

Things We Like

  • Beautiful wood grain handle with ebony collar
  • Softer white hair for better lather

7. Horse Hair Shaving Brush with Cream Handle

Vie-Long`s Shaving Brush is 100% natural horse hair (35% mane hair; 65% tail hair) harvested without harming the animal, so it is an excellent choice for shavers who prefer to avoid boar and or badger hair for ethical or religious reasons. A great brush with a generous 23mm knot of unbleached horse hair, it offers one of the best values in shaving.

Things We Like

  • Unbleached natural hair for great feel
  • Cruelty free 

The 6 Best Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Synthetic brushes aren't limited by their design due to natural hair, so you'll find that you have a lot more options of color and unique designs. These are the best option if you want a brush that doesn't involve any animal hair.

1. VIKINGS BLADE Luxury Shaving Brush, Heavy Weight Steel Base + Polished Faux Ivory Acrylic

VIKINGS BLADE 'White Knight' Luxury Shaving Brush,...
  • NOTE: PACKAGING MAY VARY: You will receive either a blue or white tube

It's also soft, but not too soft. This is the most important thing in my opinion. If you're like me and you have coarse hair, you want the tips of the bristles to be a little bit stiff so you can work the lather into all the nooks and crannies. If the tips are too soft, most of the lather will just go on top of the hair instead of under it (where it really needs to be) since the bristles can't push your hair out of the way.

Things We Like

  • Looks like badger hair
  • Gorgeous faux ivory handle

2. Haircut & Shave Co. Proven Synthetic Shaving Brush

Haircut & Shave Co. Proven Synthetic Shaving Brush...
  • 100% PROVEN SYNTHETIC SHAVING BRUSH FOR MEN - No animal products were used in creating this shave...

 It doesn't hurt that it looks fantastic and is also well constructed. I was able to produce a thick lather with minimal effort using this brush paired with Haircut & Shave Co Barbershop Shave Soap. 

Things We Like

  • Barber pole design
  • Black hairs make cleaning visually easier

3. The Body Shop Men's Wooden Shaving Brush 

The Body Shop Men's Wooden Shaving Brush
  • Get the most out of your shaving routine with our Shaving Brush, designed specifically to increase...

A wooden shaving brush that enhances the foamy lather of your shaving cream. Made with Community Trade Russian birch wood and animal-free super-soft synthetic hairs. Its short, rounded handle makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand.

Things We Like

  • Soft on the face
  • Minimal to no shedding

4. Title

RazoRock Barber Handle Plissoft Synthetic Shaving...
  • RazoRock BARBER HANDLE Plissoft Synthetic Shaving Brush - 24mm

This brush is an absolutely joy to lather with and is uber soft on the face. The weight and quality of the handle is going to blow you away at this price-point! This version comes with our Barber Handle.

Things We Like

  • Great handle weight
  • Compact size makes it great for travel

5. Title

The handle is just gorgeous! Black obsidian acrylic with the alloy base combination make this handle look and feel luxurious. The handle is heavy and comfortable to hold, you can feel quality that sets this brush handle aside for the others. The logo in the alloy is fantastic and adds an extra touch of quality.

Things We Like

  • Parker is a very established shaving brand
  • Quick drying time for the synthetic fibers

Wrap Up

Wet shaving is a great way to ensure that your skin and hair are trimmed in a healthy manner and a good shaving brush is key to making sure that happens. There is a brush on this list for every possible customer.

When all is said and done, I prefer the Parker Badger brush but you make a choice that best fits your style, needs and budget.

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