The 6 Best Smelling Shaving Cream

Because you don’t want to smell like your grandfather

Everyone has smelled someone or had an older relative that may have used a very distinctly smelling shaving cream. I’ve used a lot of shavings creams over the years and these are some of the best smelling shaving creams you can buy.


You’ll want to be careful of the extremely fragrant stuff that you might find in the women’s aisle. This is for shaving body parts like your leg, not your face. If you came here to find that, then you might be in the wrong place.


Tabac Original

The Smell

Many have compared this to the smell vintage leather in a luxury German vehicle. Others have considered this to smell like that of an expertly stocked cigar humidor. It reminds me of a hint of lavender and a familiar smell that you’re sure you encountered somewhere else before, but you just can’t put your finger on it.




Cremo – Sandalwood

The Smell

My apartment smells of rich mahogany and many leather bound books. Yeah, that’s kind of what sandalwood is trying to do. Don’t let that splinterous name fool you. This is a scent that 1000’s of people have purchased, so if you like a sandalwood smell in your shaving cabinet. This is the best smelling shaving cream for you.


Taylor of Old Bond – Cedarwood

The Smell

Just when you thought you were out… we pull you right back in! Yes, there are many things that smell like wood that you should want to rub into your face. It’s manly. This cedar wood smelling shaving cream is no exception. If you like that earthy smell, then this is a great option for you.


It reminds me of the acoustic guitar rooms you find in Guitar Center or the smell of opening a guitar case, but with a sweet, citrusy twist and a dash of vetiver.”


That sounds like a smell I can rock with. Sorry, I had to do it.


The Art of Shaving – Lavender Shave Cream

The Smell

What isn’t there to like about the Art of Shaving. Some of the most luxurious shaving and best smelling products come from this amazing company. Their Lavender shave cream is definitely one of the best smelling shaving creams you can purchase. It is my absolute favorite and the can it comes in has a real nostalgic look in its sleek, black can.


It definitely has that light lavender scent that feels like it revitalizes your pores as you smooth it over your skin.


Gillette Series Sensitive

The Smell

Now I know that Gillette doesn’t market themselves as the best smelling shaving cream on the market, but after buying their sensitive shave cream once, I’m hooked. It comes out in a cool, blue gel that has the scent of a cooling and fresh soapy aura. If you need something that smells good and is commonly found at virtually any drugstore, then this might be your ticket.


It’s especially great that it’s also for those of us with sensitive skin


Simpsons Peppermint & Rosemary

The Smell

It’s exactly everything you think it smells like and more. This tin of good smelling shaving cream is only one pine needle away from you putting literal Christmas on your face. The peppermint has the cool refreshing feel as it hits your nostrils. I’ve never thought that peppermint and rosemary would work well together, but here you go.